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A design and technology (D&T) AST is taking a new Year 9 class, with John Bayley observing her first lesson of the year. See how she maintains discipline by rewarding good behaviour, in this classroom-management resource.

Kelly Hall devotes just 10 seconds to the rules before launching into a double lesson on product analysis. From the outset, the Key Stage 3 class learns that participation is rewarded, as every answer earns a smiley sticker and good answers gain lavish praise.

When sound levels rise, the class is quickly pulled into line without resorting to sanctions. The girls progress well and, by the finish, four secondary students receive a special prize for their high level answers.

John notes the fast pace; short and varied activities with strict time limits allow no space for boredom or misbehaviour. John concludes that the key to Kelly's success is her well-researched and executed lesson plan.


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