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Engaging EAL Learners



Behaviour expert Sue Cowley advises on ways of encouraging and engaging learners as a teacher takes a Year 8 science lesson with a challenging class of EAL learners for the first time, in this classroom-management resource.

Sue observes through hidden cameras as Jan Williams teaches, advising her on how to use the students with a better understanding of English to explain tasks to others who may be struggling, in this pedagogy video.

Jan, who's head of teaching and learning at The International School and Community College in Birmingham, also learns to adapt her skills for smaller, more intimate groups by lowering her voice and addressing and encouraging more personally. Sue also highlights the way Jan successfully uses repetition and visual clues to make the learning less literacy dependent.

Sue is impressed by Jan's use of hands-on activities for learning scientific vocabulary, including paired work and a word search.

With the addition of Sue's covert coaching, Jan's well-organised lesson ensures the EAL pupils are fully engaged with the learning.

Published : Feb 2010

15 mins


Manage That Class with Sue Cowley


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science

Whole School Issues

Secondary Inclusion



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