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Choice vs Selection



In this hour-long debate, Jonathan Dimbleby and his panel of experts explore the topics of selection, schools admissions and parental choice.

We're told that schools cannot select their pupils, but that parents have a free choice of school for children. Is this true?

With the help of an invited audience, the panel ask: Will the new Education Act eradicate selection? Do academies, faith schools and foundation schools add to the confusion? What real choice do you have over who educates your kids, and does it all just come down to whether you're rich enough to move?

On the panel:

  • Baroness Perry, educationalist and David Cameron's education policy adviser
  • Professor Chris Woodhead, former chief schools inspector
  • Fiona Millar, writer and comprehensive schools campaigner
  • Canon John Hall, chief education officer for the Church of England
  • Professor Anne West, of the London School of Economics



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