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Transitions: Building on Learning



Watch the EYFS transition period from home to nursery, nursery to reception and on to Year 1, as staff look at how they can improve the transition to KS1 and results within the learning stage.

The staff discover their results for end of Key Stage 1 are not as high as end of Key Stage 2. They draw the conclusion that they need to improve on their transition periods at Clapham Manor Primary School and Children's Centre in London.

They identify relationships with parents as playing a key part during the transitional periods, especially in the children's move from the nursery to reception.

Staff and learning partners from the school visit the nursery to make themselves familiar to the children. And the children keep a celebration book to highlight their achievements up to Year 1.

Following studies of pupil and parent expectation for Year 1, child planning, role play and outdoor play are targeted as key areas for achieving more.

Published : May 2010

15 mins


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