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School food is getting tastier and healthier. New government standards mean more fruit and veg and more fresh food, less deep-fried chips and unhealthy snacks.

This programme looks at how young children across the country are already taking up the challenge to eat better and do better.

At St Peter's Primary in Nottingham, the children organise a lunch club for senior citizens, and help to put on a healthy menu. They also visit a local farm shop to learn about where food comes from.

At St Gregory's in Smethwick, pupils and teachers have come up with a clever way of learning about food - meet animated character Charles Chickens and his friends.

And at Childs Hill Primary in London, the children are getting creative with food by writing poems about healthy eating, and preparing and making a tasty vegetable soup.

Published : Oct 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Every Child Matters

Healthy Living


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