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KS2 History - Hidden House History



In this programme a group of 10-year-olds at Lady Joanna Thornhill School in Wye, Kent, learn to be historical house detectives.

The children work with a local historian, looking for clues in a house which will help them construct a story about the past. They start their investigation by looking at differences between old and new houses.

Next, the pupils take photographs of houses in the town. They try to work out where most of the older houses are and how the town has grown.

The children study maps of the local area, placing them in a chronological sequence. They construct a timeline from old to new and place on there the buildings they have spotted - from Tudor to Victorian, from Georgian to modern.

After this preliminary work, the pupils study a wooden framed Tudor house, collecting as many clues as possible from its interior and exterior. They use this information as a springboard for individual projects.

Published : Nov 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary History

Personal & local history


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