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I Want to be a Better Leader



Brendon Coyle has been assistant head at St Joseph's RC High School in Heywood for the past two years. He loves his job but isn't convinced that he uses his time as effectively as he could.

Brendon wants to know if life coach Gladeana McMahon can help him become a better leader and improve his effectiveness without working any harder than he already does. He'd also like to manage the hours in the day better, giving him more time for himself and his family.

One of the first things Gladeana discovers is that Brendon doesn't think of himself as different to any other dedicated teacher, but she reassures him that he, not anybody elses is her focus.

She's surprised to find that Brendon doesn't prioritise his tasks well either; he just adds them to his list as they come in, but Gladeana knows better ways and promptly steers him on the right course!

Published : Mar 2007

30 mins


Ease the Load


Secondary Headteacher

Secondary Middle Leader

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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