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I'm an Over-Busy Business Manager



Life coach Gladeana McMahon helps a business manager at a secondary school deal with his ever-expanding workload.

Matthew Wheeler has become the first point of call for absolutely everyone at Hodge Hill School in Birmingham. He is responsible for coordinating and delivering all the non-teaching services that back up a busy urban secondary school.

However, Matthew struggles with being reactive rather than proactive as he deals with endless interruptions and phone calls during the school day.

He is so busy that he says he finds it easier to get on and do a job rather than delegate it; a management strategy that Gladeana certainly doesn't agree with.

After spending a day with Matthew, she wants to know why he has allowed himself to become the easiest person to ask rather than the right person! But can she help him change his ways?

Published : Feb 2007

30 mins


Ease the Load


Secondary Middle Leader

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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