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Primary Assessment for Learning - A Whole School Approach



This programme features a primary school's personal learning journey to embed Assessment for Learning (AfL) across the whole school. It sees the head teacher and staff reflecting on a child-centred approach to learning; the value of pupil voice, one-to-one tuition, and the need for maintaining CPD for all staff.

Central to their approach is a child-centred curriculum alongside a thorough knowledge and understanding of each individual child as they move through the early years.

In a maths lesson on symmetry, Year 3 teacher Emlyn Lumley pilots effective questioning by purposely not displaying the learning objectives at the start of this lesson, monitoring this different approach carefully.

Assessment coordinator Christine Maguire has devised a template which can be accessed by all teachers to track pupils' levels.

One-to-one pupil conferencing, effective monitoring and tracking alongside AfL ensures that children are progressing with their learning.

Through observing Whitchurch First School's views and experiences, this programme is designed to provoke discussion and wider debate on AfL implementation across a school; and to stimulate creative thinking and ideas for viewers' own local implementation.


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