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KS2 History - Writing about Artefacts



Following a visit to Brunel's SS Great Britain a Year 6 class continue their investigation of artefacts and people who were connected to them by writing some creative labels.

Local teacher Jacqueline Ferguson has partnered up with the education team at the SS Great Britain to create a unit of work called Creative Curator. The unit is designed to strengthen the link between learning at the museum and work done back in the classroom.

The pupils focus on one of the artefacts they photographed in the museum and write creative labels in the form of riddles and poems.

An afternoon lesson studying just one artefact pulls together prior knowledge of the Victorian life with the investigation at the SS Great Britain, helping to deepen their understanding of the period and produce some imaginative literacy.

Published : Mar 2007

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary History

Historical enquiry

Victorian Britain


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