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Black and Ethnic Minority Leadership - Going for Headship



Getting promoted to headship is considered tough going for some black teachers. This film tries to detect which part of this journey is most difficult and why. Is it deputy headship to headship, as some reports say, or is it earlier in the journey?

We visit two north London secondary schools, one with a black headteacher, Luke Burton, who was promoted to headship after one interview. His experience is contrasted with that of deputy headteacher Guya Persaud at a neighbouring school who has so far failed to gain a headship despite making over fifty applications.

The programme also shows the work of Rosemary Campbell Stephens, lead trainer with London's Investing in Diversity programme for black and minority ethnic teachers who want to go for senior posts in schools.

Published : Jan 2007

15 mins


Secondary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Careers in school


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