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KS1/2 Creative Arts - All Right on the Night - Part 2



Staff at Gloucester Primary School in London are putting on the final performance of a musical based on Goldilocks, from Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes.

Music co-ordinator Jo Fitzmaurice and her colleagues are in the final stages of rehearsal and they share with us their experience and knowledge of putting on a show.

Drum teacher Prince helps with the choreography while Year 4 teacher Jane gets to use her musical and dramatic talents. Together they work with Jo to get the best performances out of the children during rehearsal.

Teaching assistant Sylvie and resources manager Linda have fun creating costumes and making sets on a shoestring.

In the tense last minutes just before the final performance, the children talk about how they feel about it all.

Published : Mar 2007

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Art and Design

Primary Music


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