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E-Office Systems



A look at the benefits of e-office technology and how it can improve efficiency for a school, as well as save money.

Bursar Sharon Wells of Marsh Hill Primary School is keen to see if e-office technology can save her money, and along with DCSF procurement expert Claire Dicks visits Gonville Primary School in south east London to find out more.

Administrator Cheryl Gilbert explains how she uses the OPEN system to order classroom essentials online, and outlines the benefits of using a cashless online school dinner payment system.

Headteacher Mark Ducker explains what the MLE (managed learning environment) has done for the school, both in saving money and achieving success.

Claire suggests other ways in which e-office systems can improve the efficiency of the school, from paying for school trips online, to taking recruitment online, and then calculates the savings Sharon could make.

Please note, The Department for Education is no longer involved in the OPEN e-marketplace mentioned in this video.


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