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KS1/2 Maths - Goodbye SATs, Hello Assessment 1



This programme looks at how teachers assess progress. Aston Tower, Birmingham, serves the inner city. Here, Year 2 teachers, Melanie Grant and Vanessa Clarke are anxious about how they can accurately build up a picture of children's skills at the end of Key Stage 1.

They've worked with maths consultant, Val Worcester, to design active assessment opportunities.

Looking at shape, Melanie encourages discussion with a small number of children. In money, Vanessa works with a small group on an activity, using real coins to pay and adding the coin values together in pairs.

In calculation, a group throws bean bags at printed numbers. They add the numbers mentally or with the support of resources they must choose for themselves.

In capacity, the children play in water to find out how much juice they need to fill 30 party cups, one for each child.


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