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KS1/2 Maths - Goodbye SATs, Hello Assessment 2



Maths consultant, Val Worcester, reflects on the assessment activities of two KS1 teachers from Birmingham.

The challenge for teachers with KS1 assessment is to design activities that will yield evidence about each child's ability. The programme looks at how activities help and how teachers actively assess.

Melanie discusses how she manages a whole class activity, and focuses on particular children. She makes notes after the activity, rather than during. She listens for mathematical language as they talk about the use of a familiar puppet. The story starter for activities is discussed.

Vanessa points out that watching the children whilst they work reveals more evidence than looking at what they write down.

In the programme, making adaptable games is praised while not giving the children resources in the first instance promotes higher level mental activity.

The real world context for capacity is discussed as is the need to observe and record children's mistakes as well as their successes.


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