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The Challenge of Solar Power



Exploring technologies and concepts which are attempting to use solar energy, as well as some of the political and financial obstacles to their successful adoption, in a video for KS4 science.

One of the world's most visionary solar power plants is near Seville, Spain. This solar plant may be providing all of Seville's electricity needs in the years ahead, by using concentrated solar energy.

An engineer at the Seville plant explains how ancient concepts and modern technologies combine to pave the way for endlessly renewable energy from the sun.

A physicist explains how cutting edge solar voltaics work, and an advocate of the Desertec concept of using the world's deserts as a landbase for solar energy plants and electricity production, talks about the potential benefits of the system.

Finally, a think tank adviser to governments and businesses explains financial and political obstacles confronting renewable energy, and how to overcome them.

Published : May 2010

15 mins


Inside Science


Secondary Pupil


Secondary Science



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