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Assessment and Lesson Observation



This programme examines the hopes and fears of two primary NQTs, David Freeborn and Sandra Abdulai-Saani, as their teaching skills are put to the test in the second term of their induction year.

Insight is given into the typical problems most NQTs experience during observations. Induction expert Sara Bubb advises on common pitfalls and how best to prepare for the follow-up meeting.

Both NQTs left their office jobs to take up teaching - David to train on a one-year PGCE and Sandra on a three year BEd. They each teach a Year 3 class in south London primary schools. For David, behaviour management has been the biggest challenge; for Sandra, differentiation is the sticky issue.

This programme follows their assessment from the anxious preparation before the lesson to frank discussions in a feedback session.

Will Sandra and David's observation lessons make the grade and help them pass their induction year?

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Primary NQTs


Primary NQT


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