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Implementing Personalised Learning: Assessment



For the last seven years Bonner Primary school in East London has achieved above the national average in literacy, numeracy and science.

Headteacher Martin Tune believes focusing on assessment has played a significant part in raising attainment for individual children. His aim is not just to gather information about the pupils but to use it to inform teaching throughout the school and to assess individual needs.

At the end of each summer term his pupils' progress is assessed so that at the beginning of a new year the teachers can make decisions on where the children are relative to each other and relative to a bench mark for that year. This ongoing assessment begins in reception and Esther Clifton, Key Stage 1 co-ordinator, emphasises the importance of both formal and informal assessment and talks to her team about their observations. The sharing of this information builds up a picture of each child's learning needs and what help they need to progress.

Published : Aug 2005

15 mins


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