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Where Next for Primary Assessment?



Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a debate on primary SATs, with alternative methods of assessment discussed and a studio audience voting on what they think is the best form of primary assessment.

The panel of education experts, including Institute of Education Deputy Director Professor Dylan Wiliam, education journalist and author Warwick Mansell, Professor Tim Oates from Cambridge Assessment, and Dr Sue Horner formerly of the QCDA, present four suggestions for primary assessment.

As the debate continues, the studio audience of school staff, parents and governors vote on what they think is the best form of primary assessment for both pupils and school accountability.

They use the on screen 'worm' technology first seen during the 2010 general election debates, giving an instant response to the proposals.

Published : May 2010

45 mins


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Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Assessment



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