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The Victorians



Help Key Stage 2 history pupils explore a different aspect of life in Victorian Britain in each of these five dramatised lesson starters.

In the School Room, four children find themselves transported back to a Victorian classroom.

The Great Exhibition 1851 shows a young printer excitedly describing the Great Exhibition that's about to open in London. He talks about some of the exhibits including the world's biggest diamond and Britain's first public toilets.

Brunel's SS Great Britain depicts an interview with Isambard Kingdom Brunel alongside his transatlantic passenger liner, SS Great Britain.

In Florence Nightingale, the nurse discusses the lack of medical knowledge at the time. She also talks about the risk of infection that patients face, and her hopes for developing modern nursing methods.

And The Workhouse shows poet James Reynolds writing a rhyming letter to his sister about life in the Newmarket workhouse.

Published : Jun 2010

15 mins


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Victorian Britain


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