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Fernwood School, Nottingham



Mick Waters pays a visit to Fernwood School, Nottingham, to observe their methods, speak with students and staff and share his knowledge and experience.

Mick meets Year 10 pupils, Freddie and Mariam, at Fernwood School. They take him to assembly, where the role of school prefects is discussed.

Next, Mick observes some young engineers, who have designed award winning cars for the Formula School competition.

The students then go with Mick to a Year 7 "Learn to Learn" session and also a Year 8 French lesson, where they talk about the popularity of learning languages.

Educational visits and school trips are a key feature of Fernwood School and Mick finds out about the Fernwood Peace Prize, based around a trip to Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre, Newark.

Published : Jun 2010

15 mins


Mick Waters Drops In


Secondary Teacher


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