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Travelling across the UK from East to West Coast, this video for KS3 geography investigates how the day-to-day weather has an impact on people's lives and occupations.

A fisherman who is affected by wind direction and intensity, a farmer who needs to plan his work to make the most of rain and sunny spells, and a tower crane operator working at heights of 40 metres, who receives special wind forecasts that alert him to gusts and wind speed, all show how weather can affect work.

At the National Grid gas control centre, they monitor weather 24 hours a day to keep track of supply and demand in changing temperatures, and an Environment Agency officer talks about monitoring rainfall and flood risks.

Finally, mountain rescue volunteers on the Brecon Beacons, explain how all types of weather can affect the likelihood of being called out, and how they respond to a rescue.

Published : Apr 2010

15 mins


Weather and Climate


Secondary Pupil


Secondary Geography

Weather and climate


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