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Tough Love: In Brief



Behaviour expert John Bayley visits award-winning teacher David Torn to observe him as he tackles a challenging secondary class, in this short practical classroom-management and pedagogy resource.

David establishes his authority from the outset, vetting each pupil's appearance as they file through the door, then escorting them personally to their allotted seat.

The rules are strict and the penalties severe; one warning for forgotten books with detentions thereafter draw groans from the class. But a hint of humour and a revelation from his past explains his exacting standards.

After 25 minutes of tough love David changes tack and rewards the Year 9 class with some fun. By the end of the lesson, the class has been shocked and intrigued into submission. But will it last?

Published : Jun 2010

03 mins


Bayley on Behaviour - Establishing the Ground Rules


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour


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