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Bowling Park Primary School, Bradford



Mick Waters visits Bowling Park Primary school in Bradford to see how the school is improving attendance and learning.

Bowling Park Primary in Bradford is an amalgamation of two schools, one of which was formerly in special measures.

New head Stuart Herrington, has worked hard to improve on attendance and has worked closely with staff to ensure that pupils work in an inspirational learning environment.

Year 6 pupils Ibby and Scarletta show Mick round the New Cross Site, dropping in on a Year 5 class before their visit to Whitby, where Mick gets to play the drums in an African drumming class, and visits the school garden club. Mick is also interviewed by the school's media team.

In the afternoon pupils Chelsia and Qaveem take Mick to the Usher Street site, where they explain the rewards system for attendance, see the garden and finish off Mick's visit by watching pupils perform African dancing.

Published : Jun 2010

15 mins


Mick Waters Drops In


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Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

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