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Sharing Expectations: In Brief



Winner of the 2007 Teaching Award for primary teacher of the year (east midleands), Andy Bell shows behaviour expert John Bayley how he handles his new Year 6 class on the first day of term, in this short video on classroom-management and pedagogy.

Andy uses praise and rewards to encourage good behaviour, with impressive results. He's clear about what he expects from his students, establishing respect and fairness from the start.

By using a series of signals for attention and devising a football noise-o-meter system for monitoring sound levels, the pupils understand what's expected of them and what the rules are for listening.

Andy then introduces fun activities to ease the class into learning and remind them of school routines.

Published : Jul 2010

03 mins


Bayley on Behaviour - Establishing the Ground Rules


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Behaviour


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