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Holocaust - My Brother, In the Resistance



See a German lady read a letter written by her brother, a member of the German resistance, just before his execution at the hands of the Gestapo, in this classroom resource for use in Key Stage 3 history.

Willi Graf was a member of the White Rose resistance group, yet kept it a secret from his sister. His silence probably saved her life because when she was arrested the Nazis believed her testimony that she had no knowledge of her brother's activities.

Anneliese Knoop Graf explains that, unlike her brother, she made compromises and was a passive bystander during the Nazi period. Born in Germany in 1921, she joined the Bund Deutsche Madel, the Nazi-run youth organisation for girls, along with most of her friends.

Anneliese admits she doesn't like talking about this period in her life, preferring to talk about her brother, to whose memory she has dedicated much of her life.


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