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Maintaining Staff Wellbeing Under Pressure



A look at how staff wellbeing at a secondary school has been affected by a change to Academy status and being a National Challenge school, and the initiatives in place to support school morale.

The Crest Girls' Academy in northwest London has been through a period of significant change. The decision to become an Academy meant considerable organisational change for staff and pupils, and National Challenge status has put pressure is on staff to raise results.

Staff members explain the drive to improve the school environment, the focus on credit-based training, and the channels they use to listen to staff concerns.

They also explain how a staff wellbeing group, which meets with the Principal once a month, provides a valuable channel for feedback and support.

Published : Jun 2010

07 mins


School Improvement


Secondary Headteacher

Secondary School leader

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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