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Mike Baker examines the role free schools will play in the coalition government's education policy in this Need to Know video.

Free schools, also known as "the Swedish model" are intended to put parents in the driving seat by making it easier for groups of people including parents and teachers to open new schools funded by the state.

Mike visits the construction site of the Jewish Community Secondary School, one of the first parent initiated schools. He talks to headteacher Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, and Jonathan Fingerhutone, of the parents involved in the project. They discuss how the £50m initiative was started.

Mike also talks to Rachel Wolf, director of the New Schools Network, about how these new schools will be run in England and which groups are interested in establishing them.

Mike also meets Fiona Millar, an education campaigner, who is opposed to the policy.

Published : Jul 2010

07 mins


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