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Odds and Evens



Watch a lively Early Years maths lesson on odds and evens, and reflection on the success of the lesson, in a video full of lesson planning ideas.

At Lent Rise Combined School, Deputy Headteacher Jill Watson starts her lesson by recapping the patterns of odds and evens, with the children identifying odd numbers up to 20.

The main activity involves creating odd and even numbered petals on a sunflower, and the during the plenary children are given numbers and stand up or sit down depending on whether they are an odd or even digit.

Afterwards, Jill is pleased with her lesson but feels that there was not enough physical activity in her starter.

Sara Bubb, senior lecturer at the Institute of Education, agrees and reminds her that teachers often spend more time than planned on activities and that a long time spent sitting on a carpet can be wearisome.

Published : Jul 2010

04 mins


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