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Effective Inclusion - Bringing Special School Experience into the Mainstream Classroom



An NQT, who spent time at a school for children with moderate learning difficulties, brings her newly acquired inclusion skills into the mainstream primary classroom.

Through the University of Hertfordshire, NQT Mo Serby, spent eight weeks at a school for children with MLD , as part of her second year placement.

As a result of this, she has now been able to transfer the skills she has learnt to a mainstream classroom at Sarratt Primary School. She demonstrates that inclusion means getting children involved in everything, rather than separating them according to ability.

Mo demonstrates her newfound techniques during an art lesson, including using a picture timetable so pupils can see what's happening during the day and by randomly picking lollipop sticks with pupil?s names on from a tub to get different pupils involved with tasks.

Her TA helps her in assisting with differentiating resources, in order to address all levels of ability.

Published : Aug 2010

05 mins


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