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GCSE English - My Last Duchess



A KS4 English lesson which helps the students connect with Robert Browning's My Last Duchess is examined in this video, aimed at helping teachers with their planning.

The language and structure of some 19th Century poetry can be difficult to understand and teacher Caroline Mortlock realises this could create a barrier to her students' understanding of My Last Duchess.

She tackles this by creating a modern version of the poem and reading it to her students first.

While reading her version to the students, she gets them to give a voice to the Duchess and not until they have a feel for what has been going on between the two characters in the poem, does she introduce them to the original version.

All resources required to deliver this lesson can be found in the extra materials section, including a lesson plan, mind map, original and modern language version of the poem.

Published : Sep 2010

05 mins


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