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Thinking Skills



Two secondary ASTs demonstrate the planning behind maths lessons for Year 9 and 10 classes, looking at thinking skills and quadratic equations.

At The Greycoat Hospital School in London, AST Seema Solani plans a complex, five-part lesson to challenge the thinking skills of her Year 9 top set, who have already sat GCSE maths.

She first challenges her KS3 pupils to find different forms of maths involved in the simple triangle, but then discovers one of her pupils is confused by what exactly a segment is. She departs from her plan and sort out an area of confusion before returning to the teaching of higher maths thinking skills.

At Warden Park School in Sussex, AST Chrissie Hamilton has planned a quadratics race for Year 10, involving solving six quadratic equations before plotting the values on a graph.

All maths planning at the school is done electronically and teachers are expected to deliver lessons devised and planned by a colleague. To help them, the plans have teachers' prompts and even the answers to ensure the smooth delivery of a lesson.

Published : Aug 2010

04 mins


Lesson Planning


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Maths


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