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English and Black History - Reading 'Roll of Thunder'



This combined KS3 English and history lesson idea examines links between slavery and American Civil Rights, using Mildred Taylor's book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.

Tracey Marquis's students study Mildred Taylor's story of a young black girl, Cassie, growing up in Mississippi in the 1930s. They take a close look at the language and social context of the characters in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.

Reading aloud, using a southern accent, helps the pupils get to grips with the moral dilemmas that face both the black and the white characters in the story.

As a result they are able to gain a more authentic understanding of what segregated life was like leading up to the Civil Rights Movement.

The lesson is designed for Key Stage 3 classes, but can also be used with Key Stage 2 pupils.


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