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Podcasting in the Classroom



Find out ways of using podcasting to enhance teaching and learning at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, as well as tips and resources, in this pedagogical ICT resource for those less confident with technology.

This video explains what the difference is between a podcast and an audio recording is, how to record sound, and how podcasts can improve speaking and listening skills.

Secondary English teacher Susan Nembhard knows little about podcasting so she visits a primary school where pupils are regular podcasters. She observes Year 4 and 5 pupils producing podcasts for the school's website and gets advice from fellow teachers on how to use the technology.

Finally, Susan heads back to her own school to see if podcasting will be an effective technology to use in English lessons with her Key Stage 3 students.



Lesson Plan: Using podcasting in literacy with Year 4 & 5 (size 0.0 M)
Provided by Ophelia Vanderpuye an ICT AST detailing how she uses podcasting to improve literacy with Years 4 and 5
Lesson Plan: Using podcasting in English with Year 8 (size 0.0 M)
Provided by English Teacher Susan Nehmbard for using podcasting in English with Year 8
Lesson Presentation: Using podcasting in English with Year 8 (size 0.9 M)
provided by English Teacher Susan Nehmbard about using podcasting in the classroom
A list of podcasting software and hardware (size 0.0 M)
Document listing the software and hardware used in the programme and alternative software and hardware that is available on the market

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