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Sharing Enthusiasm for ICT



An MFL teacher who is finding it difficult to motivate her department to use ICT gets advice and tips from life coach Gladeana McMahon, in this video for middle leaders.

For many teachers, learning to use new technology can be a chore rather than a pleasure. Modern languages teacher Angela Relph is eager for her department to lead the way and enthuse pupils by using ICT in lessons.

Angela asks Gladeana how she can inspire and motivate both herself and colleagues into seeing integrating ICT into teaching and learning as an exciting project. Gladeana suggests she leads by example, being the first to try new ICT in her classes.

Gladeana explains that by being a role model, Angela's results and enthusiasm will be contagious to colleagues. If they see Angela using ICT to get results, they'll be more likely to give it a go themselves.


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