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APP for Primary Science - The Big Stink with Deborah Herridge



CPD trainer Deborah Herridge introduces an exercise for APP in primary science, using Victorian London as topic to combine science and history at Key Stage 1 and 2, in a training session for teachers.

In 1858, the smell of untreated sewage from the polluted Thames in London, known as The Big Stink, led to the development of the drainage system.

In her CPD workshop, Deborah shows the teachers how to recreate the stink by mixing pasta, chocolate and rice.

Asking pupils to investigate the stink will help teachers use the APP criteria for 'gathering evidence' and also help KS1 and KS2 pupils learn about pollution.

Deborah then asks the group to clean the water through filtration - issuing them with tools of sieves, filters, coffee filter papers and plastic bowls and jugs, showing how the practical science activity can be extended.


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