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This video illustrates practical ways in which teachers at a leading technology specialist school use PowerPoint to save them time.

Maths teacher Cath Smithies explains how her department pool their PowerPoint resources into a bank, enabling any member of staff to adapt and use another colleagues presentations as they need.

This saves Cath time as it means she's not starting lesson plans from scratch. She also uses maths' websites to download PowerPoint resources, once again saving time.

In the English department, teacher Conor Rodgers uses interactive PowerPoint presentations with voting pads to spice up his classes.

Pupils are able to vote on a variety of topics using a small pad. The data is instantly collected and transferred to a PowerPoint which shows the results of the vote. This gives Conor instant feedback, enabling him to quickly assess the understanding and learning of pupils.

Published : Oct 2010

03 mins


Time Savers


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary ICT across the school

ICT Learning


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