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Discover all the ways in which teachers and students at Liverpool's Broadgreen International School save time by using their learning platform.

ICT teacher Dianne Kennedy and faculty leader Gail Jones demonstrate several aspects of the learning platform that they feel save them time.

The first is the ability to create self-marking quizzes which can be saved and adapted. The quizzes can be set as a starter, plenary or homework and being self-marking means valuable time is saved.

The second function is online reporting, meaning no more writing out lengthy documents for parents. The teacher is then able to post it on the learning platform for parents.

The third is online lesson planning where teachers are able to share and adapt lesson plans, uploading and accessing them from any computer and eliminating the need for transferring folders.

Lastly, the learning platform has quick issue work which means a teacher can create a more detailed lesson plan complete with resources and email facility which can be sent out to single classes, groups or even individual pupils such as those who are absent through sickness.

Published : Oct 2010

08 mins


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