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Motivation and Reward



Find out how a successful head of ICT motivates and rewards his Key Stage 3 and 4 students, through creating compelling and fun projects, in this advice-filled video on developing study skills in secondary students.

How do you reward students for doing good work? Mike Burr, head of ICT at Writhlington School in Somerset, believes the answer lies in giving children a project that's so engaging that just completing it is enough.

By putting in the extra effort to make a task exciting, he believes that the children will be motivated and will reward the teacher with their enthusiasm and dedication.

The project he gives his students is to make a video introducing a brand new school building to pupils in the school's feeder primary schools. The aim is to make the Year 6 pupils feel at home when they move into Year 7.

Published : Nov 2010

04 mins


Secondary Study Skills


Secondary Teacher


Secondary ICT Curriculum


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