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The Queen of French Grammar



John Bayley sits in on KS3 and KS4 lessons to observe an award-winning MFL teacher as she brings French grammar alive with an imaginative and innovative approach.

Former Teaching Awards secondary teacher of the year, south of England, Hélène Tulodziecki, shares her expertise on creating fast paced and well structured lessons, using ICT teaching materials she has designed herself.

Her Year 8 class at Twynham School in Christchurch practice the construction of Level 6 text with interactive whiteboard presentations, supported with a step-by-step framework to guide them through the tricky conjugation of verbs.

Hélène intersperses grammatical techniques with games designed to introduce the necessary repetition whilst ensuring the pupils have fun. At each new learning point she encourages mixed ability pairs to discuss and feedback their understanding in French.

With her Year 10 class, John observes the same rigour and structure, fun and enjoyment are all evident as the children practise their conversation skills in preparation for an oral exam.


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