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Long-term Revision - Geography Revision Club



How a school's breakfast club for Year 10 geography students at Key Stage 4 produces great results.

Revision can be a daunting tasks for students as they approach Year 11, especially when they've seen their friends go through their GCSE exams.

At Priory Community School, Weston Super Mare, staff are in touch with their students' concerns and have initiated revision clubs for the Year 10s.

The geography breakfast club is one of a number of clubs which look at different groups of students during the week. The club focuses on helping students with bordeline grades C/B.

The aim is to get students into the habit of going over their work before they start their formal school day. With smaller groups and a more informal atmosphere, these students gain confidence in their ability to tackle the exams from the very start of that final push.

The club's efforts seem to be paying off and geography is the top achieving subject in the school in terms of examination results.

Published : Nov 2010

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