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Enquiry Skills



Encouraging working independently from Year 7 onwards can lead to effective enquiry skills, for Key Stage 4 humanities students.

Effective enquiry skills, particularly in humanities, are increasingly crucial to a student's success at Key Stage 4. Writhlington School, in Somerset, emphasise the value of this with their students.

Students are encouraged to work independently from day one but not be afraid to ask questions of each other, of other teachers and of their own teacher.

They are encouraged to 'break out' of the classroom and work quietly in groups or individually in the library areas to hone their ideas without the noise of the class around them.

When they go home, they complete research online, or with their parents, to broaden their enquiry skills beyond the classroom and the school.

It's the school's way of developing those high quality skills which will lead to strong results at GCSE and A level.


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