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Catching up with Westlands



The Westlands Academy Trust officially opened on 1 September 2010 and this video diary provides an update on their progress since then.

Headteacher, Jon Whitcombe, and his deputy, Simon Cox, describe how the school is getting used to the changes and how they've settled into being an academy.

Jon talks about giving all the staff their P45s, to confirm the change of employer, and says how some of the business terms, like Chief Executive and Directors, don't work in a school.

Jon is happy to keep his original job title as headteacher and is busy working alongside his team of governors to allocate their new budget.

Understanding the real freedom of academy status means the chance to be more entrepreneurial, and Jon has thoughts for how his curriculum might change to reflect the needs and interests of the children in his care.

The staff at Westlands Academy Trust also comment on how they feel about becoming an academy.

Published : Nov 2010

04 mins


Becoming an Academy


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