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Disability Equality - Non-Physical Disability



Discover how one school has been commended for its approach to special needs, including non-physical disabilities.

Schools have a duty to all children with special needs, whether they have a physical or non-physical condition.

At Ipsley Middle School in Redditch, Year 5 and 6 pupils with learning difficulties are taken into a core group for English and maths, for two hours a day. Older pupils are also brought together for science and languages.

The lessons ensure pupils are equipped with skills for every day life, such as working out measurements and payments.

Out of school activities include getting on a bus and visiting the cinema. All lessons emphasize the importance of good manners.

Ipsley also works closely with the outreach team of a local special school which provides specialist resources to help pupils.

Published : Nov 2010

03 mins


Disability Equality


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