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The Bloodhound SSC Project - Engineering the Physics



A look at how the British Bloodhound engineering team apply maths and physics in their bid to build a car which will break the world land speed record. Suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

The team have had to go back to basics to understand the maths and physics involved in accelerating a car to 1000mph over a measured mile and land a place in history.

RAF fighter pilot and Bloodhound driver, Wing Commander Andy Green takes Bloodhound engineer Annie Berrisford for the flight of her life in his aerobatic training plane to demonstrate the problems of g force he'll experience during the record attempt.

Meanwhile, at the University of Swansea work is underway on designing the shape of a car that will cut through the air at 1000 miles an hour while remaining on the ground.

Published : Nov 2010

15 mins


Secondary STEM


Secondary Pupil


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