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How to Teach Art if You're Not 'Arty'



A primary school shares its solution for teaching art, making use of the skills of a secondary art teacher to boost the artistic ability of both staff and pupils.

For primary school teachers who are not skilled artists, teaching art can present a challenge. Staff and pupils at Kender Primary School have turned to an outstanding secondary art teacher to help build skills and confidence.

Ben Naylor, who has recently been judged outstanding by Ofsted, is working with Year 5 and 6 students one day a week, to help them explore their art skills.

At the same time, teachers and support staff benefit from watching his practice. He has also been asked to run INSET for the staff.

In this lesson, Ben looks at developing the pupils' skills of observation and introduces the materials of watercolours - through painting fish.

Published : Nov 2010

05 mins


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