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Primary Music - Tudor Fanfare



A Key Stage 2 class compose a Tudor fanfare on the recorder as part of a music lesson linked to a larger history project, in this cross-curriculum lesson planning idea.

First, teacher Jessica Foster demonstrates on the piano what a fanfare sounds like and the pupils discuss what a fanfare would be used for.

The pupils are given a very tight structure from which to work from in order to keep the composing very simple and therefore achievable in one lesson.

By only allowing three notes and four bars of music the pupils remain focused on the task. In pairs or small groups the children take their recorders and compose a Tudor fanfare.

At the end of the lesson the pupils perform their fanfares in front of the whole class. The class discuss whether they achieved what they intended and what they would do if they weren't limited by just the recorder and only 15 minutes to compose the whole tune.


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