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Teaching the KS2 Snack Bar Lesson



Science education expert Matthew Tosh presents a Key Stage 2 science lesson focusing on the importance of a healthy diet, using the Junk Food Science Snack Bar videos and resources.

This primary school case study illustrates how the Junk Food Science Snack Bar lesson, which encourages pupils to think about the science linking health and diet, can be taught.

Alison Clough and Claire Caulfield from St Benet's Roman Catholic Primary School, County Durham, team-teach the lesson to a group of Year 4 pupils.

A lesson plan, video and text-based resource all help encourage the pupils to think about healthy and unhealthy foods.

The pupils are asked to take on the role of members of a Scientific Advisory Committee and decide if a new, fictional, snack bar should be banned, licensed or endorsed.



Snack Bar KS2 CPD PowerPoint Slides (size 0.2 M)
CPD PowerPoint for teachers for the Snack Bar lesson at Key Stage 2

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