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The Apprentice Electrician



An engaging, lesson-planning idea for an active primary science lesson where pupils solve problems using their current understanding of electricity.

Tracy Stuart, Year 4 teacher at Ripple Primary School in Barking, presents her lesson on becoming an apprentice electrician. Working in groups and using their electrician?s toolbox, the pupils have to perform a variety of timed tasks in order to receive their certificate.

Tasks include making a circuit with a light in it, making a circuit with a buzzer and making a circuit with two lights. Once these tasks have been successfully accomplished the groups are then asked to design and build a burglar alarm.

This video is part of the Lesson Planning Pack on electricity for KS2 science, which includes two lesson starters, one great lesson idea and a CPD discussion.



Lesson Planning Pack - Electricity (size 0.1 M)
An overview of the four videos contained in the lesson planning pack on electricity, for Key Stage 2 science

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