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History - Theatre Boxes



A Key Stage 2 teacher uses theatre boxes at the end of a history topic as a fun way for pupils to present and share their different research in this lesson idea.

Tracey Anderson's Year 6 class have been learning about rationing in World War II. In the lead up to this lesson they've researched different forms of rationing, found pictures to help illustrate their theatre boxes, and have made characters out of dowling rods.

During the lesson, they use these materials to turn their theatre boxes into realistic grocer's shops, pharmacies, petrol stations etc.

Working in small groups, the children put their theatre boxes together, sticking on backdrops, and creating 3D features such as shop counters, clocks, and signs. Then write short scenes to act out.

An important part of the research process is for each group to find out a secret fact to present to the rest of the class during their performance.

Tracey believes that theatre boxes are a great way of bringing history to life for pupils, and a fun way for her to assess how much they've understood about a topic.



Lesson Planning Pack - Primary History (size 0.1 M)
Supporting lesson planning pack on the impact of World War II

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